The House and Nobility of The Great Princes of Rurikovich

 * Our family has true blood nobility and from immemorial time, not due to the favor nor at mercy.

 * We are descendants of nobility entitled "High Nobility", made today by:

 * The Descendants of the Great Princes of Kiev creators of The Russian Empire former primogenitures registered in the lists of the noble conditions, whose privileges enjoyed by the old regime;

 * They belonged and we are members frequently wearing the habit of the most famous Orders of Knighthood from various noble houses and for the merits that many of their children has given, repeatedly, origin to Qualified Noble Houses from different reigning monarchies and of Royal Houses and Imperial claimants. We are one and the same great family.

Grand Prince & Grand Duke

Hans Maximus Cabrera Lochaber Rurikovich

Head of The Royal Imperial  House and Dynasty

Chief in Comand in the  Royal and Imperial Guard

Prince Grand Master of Zar Ivan IV Order

Prince Grand Master Rurikovich Order

SGM Imperial Order of TRUTH

The Head of the House is married and have 5 children

The Mother of the Dynasty

Grand Princess Charlotte

The Mother raised the children mostly by herself since Maximus often was busy with issues concerning the House and History.

Prince Oliver age 25

nominated by Council, Don Hugo and the Current head of the House Hans Maximus, in the yer 2009 as the Crown Prince and the Heir after Maximus.

Oliver is current finishing University as IT Developer/ingenier

Prince Alexander age 23

The Prince is educated in the armed forcess, served in one mission abroad and awarded service medal.

Currently working as Military police officer.

Waiting to be called for a second mission abroad

Prince Theodor age 16 

Theodor is current ending last year at primary school.

after that he will continue to take study in construction and substainable area.

Theodo is a constructor in the blood, he like to create

Princess Isabell Age 17  ( 18 in december 2020)

Isabell will finish her gymnasium in middle 2021

after that she will continue to Buisness university.

Isabell has a Humanitarian Heart, like her father

Princess Patrizia age 13

Patrizia is going in keystage 8 at the international school.

she is a loving caring person who always look out for others, she has her fathers soft and forgiving personality


* Lautaro Rodrigo Jarab, adopted by Hugo has decided to Make a Coup atemp after the dead of Hugo as Head of the House. 

* We regret this act, and clealy state that Lautaro are not blood related according to either name or birth certificate, He seems merly under manipulation from Former House members Juan Francesc Coronatti and his group..

* We Cant respect neither accept this and make i clear and know the old irevocable document state the Equal right to the recognized Brother, Who have taking and holds the position for the House under Hans Maximus as the Head of the House.


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