House News

The 5th of April 2024

We would like to extend the House and Empires Congratulations to the Speaker of the Kings Council:



Who on this day has been appointed:

Honorary Plenipotentiary Ambassador

Forum of Traditional Kings and Chiefs of Africa.

This decision gives it full power to contact all political and administrative authorities or all people and institutions wishing to help the Forum of Kings and Traditional Chiefs of Africa in its organization as well as in the accomplishment of the tasks which will be retained in the program of activities of Mr. Patrick Camille MAKOSSO-NGOMA-JOUVAM during his mandate.

Very reassured and convinced of the capacity of the person concerned to act and by the extent of his contacts, and hoping to obtain by all legal means, investment capital which will allow the development of our fifty-four Kingdoms.


The 31st  of March 2024

We want to make it clear to all.

Several People claims to be part of this House and Dynasty, but they are not, if they are not listed or shown on this website.


Is not Member of this House, He worked with my Late Brother Grand Prince Hugo Norberto Cabrera.

Alexandre De Silva Camelo Cavalho was expelled by my brother, and after this he Fraudulent changed his name to Rurikovich in Brazil. He was not permited to this, nor having the bloodline to such, Only the close family of Blood line hold legally this Surname.

Alexandre Cavalho have by such proven himself to be a thief a criminal and a scammer.

The 10th of March 2024

Dom Vasco Corero Martins

Is no longer affiliated with the Imperial House Rurikovich.

If was mutual decided to walk each a different path

The 10th of November 2022

We  have decided to reinstall The:



We can do so since the Order was etablished in the year 1798

by Zar Paul the 1st of Russia as a Counterpiece to the

Sovereign Military Order of St. John Knights of Malta

Founded under the Vatican

We hold the inheritage right to the Order as Founding Bloodline 

by both Dynasty as well as Blood.

Visit the site here.'

The 25th of October 2022

Today this day of the lord 25th october 2022

It is decided following according to the Bible.

James 4:27

He Who does know what is right, and does not 

do so, he is committing SIN

Therefore let it be known we cant publish people on the site that does not walk in the light, Thouse who follow what is a SIN are

not of the Value and Virtue that we want to be associated with.

The People who are now removed from the site are have 

14 days to make up with their decissions, from there the expulssion from the house will follow.

The 10th of October 2022

 This Day Giorgio Colombo and His 2 Daugthers,

where expelled/dismissed from the House.

It is a consequense of a Dirrect attack on social medias 

and chats where the family member Giorgio Colombo adressed the 

House and Head of House with such disgrace that their is no


We have by such decided to redraw all titles Honours and corporation with this family.

They are no longer allowed to use regalia nor titles in public anymore, the regalia can be kept for display only at private ground.

This have been comming for some time since the mentioned previous member of the House Nobles gave one of his medals

to a person who was unknown to the house, this is directly fraud since medals are earned and recognition for deeds.

We wish the Family all well, and may GOD protect them and grant them success in their live.

The 17th of September 2022

Dear Family Members. friends - nobles of the House -

House Allied Houses and Orders-

Dignitaries Dames & Knights of OSJ Knights of Malta.

I would like to make a statement to be known for the public.

On the 17th of September 2022 it came to an agreement (signed document) between OSJ Knights of Malta and The Royal Imperial House of Rurikovich.

We are going in separated paths - the House is moving into a new perspective and direction that is not aligned with OSJ anymore.
As a direct consequence of this, the alliance between the Order of St. John knights of Malta and The Royal Imperial House Rurikovich it seems no longer beneficial.

The direct consequence and impact are as follows:
- all members as well as the Grand Master Don Basilio Cali are having their titles and honors of the House withdrawn.
- the members of the House no longer hold any rank or honors in OSJ Knights of Malta.

- the regalia issued and given by each institution are to be kept, but only for display, not to be worn at any given time. These are only considered a memorandum object, not of any honor or value.
- the same goes for any documents - they are only for memory, and not for public display.

After 15 years of alliance, regarding the situation of Grand Master Don Basilio Cali and his family, the decision is as follows:
- Don Basilio Cali Due no longer holds the title as Prince Rurikovich.
- His children no longer have royal nor noble ranks in the Royal Imperial House.

- Don Basilio Cali Due (including his family) no longer holds any title in the Order of Zar Ivan.

- Don Basilio Cali Due (including his family) no longer holds any title in the Order of Prince Rurikovich.

The Royal Imperial House of Rurikovich is no longer Protector for OSJ Knights of Malta.

If anyone needs more details or has questions, please contact us

or on the contact formular at the contact page.

By My will and sovereign decission

HRIH Hans Maximus Cabrera Lochaber Rurikovich

Head of Name, House, Dynasty Arms and Orders.


The 30th. JULY  2020

It is with great sorrow to announce the Dead of Hugo Norberto Cabrera, the 

head and leader of the Rurikovich Dynasty.

The Legitimate Heir the Half Brother and Owner of the Name arms and honors ,HRIH  Hans Maximus Cabrera Lochaber Rurikovich  

Will take over the position as Head of House name and arms

From Augaus the 1st the year of the lord 2020.

From this day all titles are rewoked and must be resubmitted.

HRIH Maximus has ruled the House from the back since 2017 according

to agreement with his late brother who was sick, and to make sure no one did take advantage of his ilness, Maximus kept this a secret between the 2 brothers to identify the true supporters of the Royal Imperial House. 


The 26th. November 2020

     Christmas is coming and in the spirit of this holiday, HRIH Prince and Head of the House, Hans Maximus Rurikovich has decided that the Commemorative Medal should be used to raise funds for the needy and the poor during this period of Christmas.

     The medal is produced in a limited edition of 120 pieces and will no longer be produced. This special object is created for those who can appreciate the significance of the medal. This is our royal way of commemorating the year 2020, as the one in which the Grand Prince of HRIH Hans Maximus Rurikovich became the Head of the House and the Dynasty.


     The initiative is made in collaboration with the support of Count Alfred Borg who is a close friend of HRIH Hans Maximus Rurikovich and the Royal House is honored to have such a Noble man.

     May GOD always smile at him and reward his way of being.