Former Title: Gran Canciller

To the Head of House, Government  and Council


            For information regarding the Fraud Contact the police in Allicante, Spain

                  For the use and forgery regarding Consul Title contact the Kazachstan Ambacy in Spain or the Ministerium for foreign affairs Kazachstan like we did.


Adopted son of 

Hugo Norberto Cabrera

( Not Official Rurikovich ID )


Coup atemp with JuanĀ“s group

      Claim only backed by notaries document, not backed by legal

adoption/name certificate or Birth certificate


Former Title

Advicor and Cosultant

 of House and Dynasty Rurikovich

                               YELENA   KUZNETSOVA                           Assiting in Coup attemp, and seems involved in Fraud.

           For more information regarding that, we advice to contact the

Allicante Police in Spain, they have the case update. 

Former Title

Count and Ambassador

 of House and Dynasty Rurikovich


   Expelled for Forgery and selling Titles and not staying

loyal to the Head of the House

Former Title

Count and Ambassador

 of House and Dynasty Rurikovich

  Alfonso Francisco Lopez L

     Expelled for assisting in coup of the House with notary document.

  Staying passive in the manipulation of Lautaro 

Former Title

Countess/Dame grand cross and Ambassador

 of House and Dynasty Rurikovich

  Ying Huang Cui ( Veline Ong )

   Use of false name for the certificate and archive, and under investigation

for falsification of  informations

in Spain. Infromations are official at the internet.

Under Prince Hans Maximus's decission, as the Head of the House,
these people are expelled from the House

 *** 4 members of the House decided to go on the Lautaro Rodrigo Jarab side, in a coup atemp. This reason leads to treason and the people are expelled instant.the adopted child of Hugo Norberto Cabrera (Lautaro Rodrigo Jarab) hold nothing else than a notary document stating his claim, but since we see no legal adoption/name certificate nor Birthcertificate We can't accept neither recognize such.

*** We advice all Russian Nobles to take a stand against this kind of manipulated Corruption, lead by Juan Coronatti who have law issues hunting him at this time.

*** We respect their decission since now and we are going forward.
*** We wish all the former members good luck.


In accordence to all Government ID, the real legaly name for

HRIH Hans Maximus is:

Hans Maximus Cabrera Lochaber Rurikovich

In accordence to all Government ID, the real legaly name for

Don Hugo was:

Hugo Norberto Cabrera 

Copyright 2020 Rurikovich Dynasty Registration number  41675543 Danish Government