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Royal and Imperial Family

The Dear Uncle 

Don Basilio Cali Rurikovich

Prince Basilio is the Great man who have run and still runs the OSJ Knights of Malta.

The Knights of Malta from the Russian dynasty have existed longer than SMOM under the Catholics.

He hold the position as the 77th grandmaster of the Order.

He has been a great support to the Hans Maximus the Head of the House, for many years.

We have laughed cried discussed and argued trought the years, but we have in comon we always end with a smile, and always stand up for what is justice and correct.

HRIH Prince  Basilio has 2 daughters. They are both Duchess Rurikovich in the House.

Prince Basilio Rurikovich is together with the Head of the House Don Maximus Rurikovich

Born Warriors and Diplomats, they both are not  afraid to fail in the process, as they always get back up and back into the battle.

Over the last 10 years Maximus and Basilio has strengthen their relation with a deeper trust, Basilio even a Uncle is like a Father to Maximus.


Mary Cali Rurikovich


Rosy Cali Rurikovich


 Gaetano Calì urikovich

His Serene Highness

Basilio Cali Due Rurikovich

Prince Rurikovich, Grand Master O.S.J. malta

Uncle of HRIH. Hans Maximus Cabrera Lochaber Rurikovich