Whenever you’re talking about the largest royal families in the world, the Rurik dynasty has to be included on the list, not only because of its historic attributes but also its existence as one of the largest house with royal descendants in human history. The Rurik dynasty was founded around the year 862AD by Prince Rurik (founder of the first Russian state of Novgorod) who has established himself in Novgorod when he was asked to rule over the city. The name Rurik has been part of the history of Russia and is being recognized and highly regarded across the world especially in countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, and Norway.


The Rurikovich’s Journey To Royalty


According to the first Russian Annals, the legendary Norman warrior “Rurik” was a Scandinavian of the tribe of the Rus whom has been given the support of people (in 862AD) of Novgorod to govern them when they were unable to get the right person that is fit for that position. Rurik was accompanied by his family members with some of his brothers (Sineus and Truvor) taken control of the peripheral regions of Novgorod making them under their authority which were later called “the land of Rus.” Since the founding of the Rurik dynasty, even after his death, Rurik descendants continued to rule over these regions. Rurik had been the Prince of Novgorod for 17 years. However, it is important to know that among the history of the largest royal families in the world, the story of Rurik dynasty has attracted lots of attentions from all angles of the world due to its .


Specialty Of The Rurik House Of Dynasty?


Rurik house of dynasty is special and unique among thousands of the largest royal families in the world. Here is a little information to know about the hierarchy of the imperial dynasty Rurikovich.


The house structure


It is important to know that, there are a number of royal imperial highnesses who are privileged to be the descendants of the Great Princes of Kiev, creators of the Russian Empire in the old regime. However, here are the two most sovereign rulers of the house:


Hans Maximus Cabrera Lochaber Rurikovich, the Chief Grand Cancellor of the House, Name and Arms; also the Chief in Command in the Royal and Imperial Guard


Hugo Noberto Cabrera Lochaber Rurikovich, who is the Chief of the House, Name and Arms


Jorge Alvarez Cabrera Rurikovich, Son of Hugo Noberto Cabrera Lochaber Rurikovich and Grand Seneschal of the House


The hierarchy of the house structure continues, ranging from the Grand Princess and Duchess who got married to the Grand Prince and Grand Duke - Princess Charlotte Cabrera Lochaber Rurikovich to Hans Maximus Cabrera Lochaber Rurikovich


The House And Nobility Of The Great Princes Of Rurikovich


The house of Rurik has true blood nobility since from the immemorial time, which is not attributed to favor or mercy. As one of the famous largest royal families in the world, the descendants of the Great Princes of Kiev have the habit of the famous orders of knighthood from different reigning monarchies and of royal houses to the imperial claimants. This great family nobility is simply entitled “High Nobility.”



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